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Friday, May 27, 2011

rainy day~

Thunder claps..smoke rising, raining so hard you cannot see the mountains..days like this are the best, today requires a warm soup...a cup of blackberry tea..ummm,so good to be home~
The cats are all curled up in balls in their favorite places,maudie on my bed w/her blankie, she is getting older,likes to sleep a lot..pepper in the day room,on her afghan,Rags by the bowls in the kitchen,waiting on lunch..as usual..Willie is hid somewhere..

I need to go to feed/and seed ,pick up feed/corn for the birds and squirells have to wait till tomorrow, I can tell they are hungry when they come to the porch ..

A little upset yesterday,..a cow was hit by a pickup,broke her back legs,was very to watch,so I went in..hubby said he petted her while they were loading her..we all know where she will go.."Don't" even want to think about it.

On to a better thought,the hay will be cut next week so the rabbits better get the babies and run..
I love fresh cut hay,the smell takes me back to my aunt and uncles farm,,Uncle Ed would ride Mary and I on a big tractor.(why I love a tractor today)
we loved to ride with  him,,boy we had fun..we would go for miles to plant corn..while he was working,Mary and I would explore.we had this wonderful creek we lay and daydream,wild violets cushioned where we lay.
the creek was gurgling..we made friendship braclets with the wild violets.Mary was really good at it..she could plait those violets perfect.I never could get the hang of it..my mind was on other things..

I miss Mary..she lives in north carolina,and cannot visit anymore.smoking ruined her lungs..she has copd.shame to ever put those things in your mouth.
I will never see her again."I don't beleive" makes me want to cry.thinking I will never see my sister again~
bothe her hubby and she will be creamated.. and her time here on earth is limited to home only..
 As I sit here watching the rain,,I think of that old farm and the memories abound.....

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