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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday and Tired

Wow what a day...7 am seems like a long time ago,the morning went well,back from our bike ride..(5 mile trip)..early church service,home for brunch.a potatoe casserole prepared Sat.toast,tomatoes..
out on the deck,breather sigh!..hubby and I made a trip to the feed store for mulch..
have the complete back of the house cleared of all grasses and periwinkle,added tiger lilies in 6 colors a pretty bench..a water globe for the birds,,and a windchime..so pretty..It looks so neat..plenty of sun today..toasted a golden bronze..
Took a breather to chat with Kristy and Roy..she picked up her china cabinet..and a few dishes.
Just happened to find her some charger plates in green of course.
Nice visit with my baby girl..she is tanned and so trim..keeps in shape..smile~
Evening (sigh)

Sunsetting..hubby and I had a quiet dinner on the porch,then we went for our evening walk..the bunnies are plentiful this year..so sweet.LaMarr had to rescue a baby.mommie ran off and left it..she will be back..quiet evening the cows mooing,
the sun a reddish orange..nothing like a couintry night..

LaMarr, lit the torches..the pool warm..love a night swim..we try and find the milky way..big dipper.. the stars twinkling..nights in the country are heaven..Tennessee I love you..

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