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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Attic Treasures, "Grannys Life in a Trunk".

A trip to the attic,brings back memories of years past. Several old trunks I need to go through, memories abound,slips with ruffled flounces,aprons with trinkets still in the pockets,tissue wrapped hankies,old pearls,and rhinestones.
What a treasure, I am going to spend time here.
Think I will journal "Grannys Life in a trunk".
This beautiful vintage dress has such nice needle work,with tiny rhinestone buttons. I can remember my mother would never let her slip show,today a bit of flounces and lace adds a feminine touch,not to say it is a bit risque,smile~
Add a touch of Vintage Rags~smile~

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  1. Just beautiful. I hope you write more about your Granny and things you have. I wish I would have know my Grandmother that I'm named after.


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