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Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's for Supper~~ Homemade

Whew, it has been a dilly of a day, the storm last night washed the world, it was sparkling clean this morning..White Oak Mountain is lush and green.
Opened the upstairs windows, the breeze cooled the house.
What's for supper, well lets see, I have a fresh hen,speckled butter beans,cornbread would be nice.
I think I will make" Grannys chicken pot pie", with a carrot,1 sweet potato, potatoes,an onion,yum makes me hungry,
Remember to always bake that fat hen in a "iron skillet"...makes the best chicken gravy to add to that pie.

Sides will be sliced tomatoes,cucumber wedges,I think that will just be what LaMarr needs to come home too..well lets not forget the woman who made him this meal smile ~

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