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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WildFlowers and Old Barns~~

Rain and storms this morning,sat on the porch watching the smokey haze drift up as the sun peeked out~
Gathering my old walking stick,I wander in the meadow of wildflowers to and old barn,just what the soul needs,
the chickory is in full bloom,

the queen anne's lace gently swaying in the breeze, surrounding the old barn the wild violets are abundent,the barn owls on watch,as I walked up the owls were hooting,living in owl hollow we hear the owls all day, the cats trailing behind on the hunt for new adventures,here in the old barn,I remember my childhood,the barn my sister and brothers played in.
Those days will last forever in the memory.I hope everyone has a wonderful memory of their childhood~

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  1. I used to play in my Uncle's barn. My cousin and I would chase the chickens. There was always a bunch of baby kittens to hunt for. I loved that farm~


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