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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Grandmothers Flower Garden Quilt

Working in my sewing room today, piecing together a .jellyroll quilt

A Winter project~
My grandmother and mother taught me to quilt many years ago,my granny made rag quilts,she used any materials to be found.
Granny passed on her vintage quilts, those I treasure,she had a stitch that was perfect 7 stitches to the inch,~
She always counted mine to make sure I would follow her footsteps.
A quilt is a treasure to last a lifetime,keeps you warm on cold winter nights,to be handed down to family.
An Heirloom from the Heart~

"Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt"
An Heirloom in the makings~
Many years would pass-before the quilt was finished~
History of quilt:
This quilt was started by my son in law's granny (Granny Painter)-(Granny Webb) and his mother (Katherine).

Granny Painter started quilting the quilt in the 50's, she was unable to finish the quilt because of health problems,
The domestic edges were unfinished,the top was set,-Granny Painter passed away leaving the quilt for years in a cedar chest.

Granny Webb,started working on the quilt,not being really interested in quilting the quilt then went back into a chest forgotten for many more years,

Katherine my son in laws mother decided to finish the quilt,the quilt was then basted together, the edges missing pieces.

Another death,Katherine died from cancer, The quilt once again was put away.

After Katherine's death my son in law was given the quilt,in sad condition,just waiting for someone to love it~
Then my daughter asked me if I could do something with the quilt.
If it could be saved? If it was worth it?
Needless to say,the quilt was in bad shape,
It was musty,ragged,needed lots of love and hours of quilting.
And in a need to be washed,being unfinished that was impossible.

I dragged that quilt everywhere I went for 7 months, to hospitals,while spending time with my mother,to visits to my sisters,

It really was a attention getter~,the old vintage fabrics were just beautiful,
and everyone wanted this quilt finished after hearing the story of this old quilt.

I finished the quilt the year 2005!
After many headaches and wondering if I could actually finish this quilt..

(before my time was up here on this earth) smile~

I gave the quilt to my son in law Christmas 2006,
he did not know,
I was working on the quilt,we kept it a guarded secret,
I will forever remember his face,when we gave him the package,he looked at me and started crying, while hugging his quilt,

He hugged his precious quilt and walked out the door,went and sat by the creek for hours,we all were upset with him.

A gift of love from the women in his life, Now he can cover up with it and think of his Mama, and grannys
A gift from the heart is the very best.

The quilt was created from scraps of clothing from all 6 children,mother/father/granny- of the Painter/Webb family.

Many years ago quilts were made from the family
cast offs-nothing was wasted,old clothing swatches made the most cherished quilts.

Heirlooms to be handed down from family to family.
Memories stitched with loving hands,while quietly sitting in an old rocker lap quilting or set in wooden quilt frames.

Picking the fabric swatches from a childs worn night gowns,dads old work shirt,that had seen its days.
grannies old house dress worn too thin in places,but all still had good usable fabrics to make an old quilt.

Quiet days spent by one's self,where your mind goes wondering to days gone by.
A scrap from a dress, A skinned knee,when one came running in wanting mama to kiss,and make well.
Grannies "old apron swatch," that held her treasures.
A folded up note grimy with dirt,but loving given to granny.Still rested in the pocket.
All fabrics still usable for an old quilt,
Mama's cotton skirts,I remember snuggling up to.Oh, the sweetness of mama.
A place one could always find comfort and love.

unfinished Basted corner-needed quilted.needed a gentle wash

Missing pieces on the quilt

Iris Quilt

I quilted this quilt in 1998,Last Year I handed it down to my daughter Ben~

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  1. Both quilts are just beautiful. They will both be treasured for a long long time. I've only made a quilt top but had church ladies quilt it for me~


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