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Friday, June 3, 2011

Remembering "Iva Marie" My granny

Had a wonderful breakfast at Cracker Barrel,with a great friend,Elaine~
Shopped a bit..no one can go in CB without shopping.smile~
Found a jar of blackberry pie filling Yum,make a homemade crust,add home made vanilla bean ice cream,dessert for Saturdays dinner.
Found these summer wedge shoes,a cute green tshirt and a summers song necklace with red birds smile~
The bag I found at a resale shoppe it is a pretty straw/flower hand bag.
I have a weakness for shoes and purses~

My shopping all done for the week..I purchased a pineapple cutter from ebay..now to see how it works,

Elaine, told me a nice story about "Memory Bread",
she said her mother made it when she was growing up,It can be made with any grains/herbs..then everyone breaks a chunk off to eat..you are to remember something in your life that brings a memory to mind..the object is to rememeber something "you thought you had forgotten",hence the name of the bread.."Memory Bread".

Today I wish you Happy Birthday granny,I love you with all my heart,

I like old traditions handed down the line to families,my granny's yellow potato salad comes to mind,
I would wait for her by the gate,watch her walk from the bus stop to our home,she always had a brown paper bag,filled with goodies for the children.
She let me trim the potatoes,Granny's "Yellow Potatoes"
had lots of creamy mustard. Even today I cannot get her recipe correct,she said it was her "secret recipe",and she would smile.

I see her old house today,and I can see her in her rocker on the front porch,tending her "midnight blue morning glories".
For years after granny passed away,
I would plant her favorite flower still do today~

Julie and Tom~ Dad's Parents

My grandparents lived in a old house,handed down through the years,I was scared in that old house and slept with granny,almost under her,the evening granny died I was by her side,the old house creaked,somewhere in the back rooms,something made this walking sound,the old time folks said," When a soul departs this life,you have to open a window to let the soul depart to heaven."
I was 8 years old,and I remember granny like it was yesterday,she would let me comb her hair,and then she would twist it into a bun,her hair was past her waist,she did not beleive in cutting a womans hair, strange my dad was the same way.

Today it brings a sweet memory of my granny She never drove a car, old fashion in her ways but enduring.

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