Tea's Hope Chest

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back Porch Welcome

The meadows are abundent with Wildflowers,chichory,bacherlor buttons,wild daisies,queen annes lace,yarrow,it is also time to cut the hay,I will enjoy the wildflowers for a little while~ .smile~


  1. I wish I could sit on the back porch with you and share a cuppa lemonaide =)

  2. I wish you could too,we would have a great time together,we enjoy so many things alike..smile~


Hello there ~~Welcome~I hope you find within My Hope Chest a place to relax and enjoy yourself and calm your mind. . Do come talk to me a while, for strangers often make the best listeners. Enjoy, and remember to wander back here often Love and Blessings Tea~~