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Saturday, June 4, 2011

~Wine Country~

LaMarr and I had a wonderful day trip to Wine Counrty..Wolf Mountain
This winery is gorgeous,lush grapes hanging on the vines,the wines and cheeses are so smooth.
We found a box of vintage crackers from England,lemon and butter flavor.
A bottle of blackberry muscadine/wine..and a extra sharp white cheese.devine~~

We love wineries because you can taste the wine before purchasing.
We stopped off at the fresh market for shell shrimp,a rose cocktail sauce,and a hot pepper cheese ball mix.."Willow Wind" brand ..made a cheese ball with cream cheese,and butter,rolled in pepper flakes.. YUM ..
When we arrived home,made my cheese ball while LaMarr cleaned the pool.
Chiiled the shrimp on ice and lemon.
Uncorked the wine....ummmm great day with my man~~
LaMarr lite the torches,and firepit,,the pool is so inviting,the water so warm,we ate on the veranda,the "fireflies".. twinkling,the "hoot owls" hooting their errie sounds..the land we live on was an Indian Reservation once,the civil war was fought on White Oak Mtn... when the smoke rises on the mountain you can= feel the presence of our ancestors.

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