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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Attic Treasures~~

When someone passes away,Its very hard to go through ones life.
LaMarr's mother left her old homestead to LaMarr and I.
He being an only child, it was to me to go through her life and salvage her treasures.
She loved cut crystal,china,dolls the fine things women love.
The attic crammed full of things she just sat aside, trunks dusty with cobwebs,a baby cradle her only child slept in,his baby clothes placed lovinly in tissue.
His 1st.step recorded,along with a pair of worn baby shoes.
How do you read the love letters she ribbon tied from his dad while he served in the war?
Do I set aside her life in a trunk,to be forgotten over the years?
I suppose we all save a little of our selves in an old trunk shoebox or our memory.

In a dusty old cardboard box these lamps,were wrapped in newspaper.
The upper porch now holds one of the old lamps along with a vintage doll I hand painted many years ago.

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