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Saturday, July 2, 2011

~HeartStrings~. Life in a Journal~

This beautiful tooled journal was a gift from LaMarr~
Over the years I have kept  journals, Someday I will leave them for my children,
I hope they find time or care, to read about my life.

While browsing a bookstore one day several years ago,  I found a journal from a mother to her children,  The journal was called "Heart Strings".  It contained her name and to her daughter. I researched her name for awhile to no avail.

As I was reading the journal I thought, How could anyone part with this treasure.
She wrote of all the things
"That you never knew about me"
It was sad,happy, and personel I felt like I was invading her ptivacy, But I could not lay the journal aside and forget about it.

From her  1st. love to despair..written on pages scanning many years..
I keep the journal by my bedside,and often wonder about the woman that wrote her life story,
when she took pen to paper..did she wonder if a stranger would someday read about her life.

I would like to think she would not mind..as I read her journal, I feel a kinship with this stranger in HeartStrings~

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a therapeutic activity.

 Paper and pen are the tools for your creative expression, joys and sorrows alike.

Journaling can be a healing process to help you get in touch with your deepest yearnings,

find resolve for problems, and deal with personal issues.

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