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Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Resale Find.~~

Monday Resale? Yes I resale everyday if I could. My favorite resale shop is a huge place,The Samaritan Center..the shop has 3 sections..A toy shop,where tables have penny items,and a section for dolls/any toy for a child..very reasonable,then the trift shop..every item is %.50, then the Dress shop.. I love them all.

They have linens,old vintage pillow cases,laces,fabrics,
at night when I pass I peek to see what people have left under the canopy.

This is a huge store,and so many people give,including myself,
I have found myself wanting the items I donate back,when I see it in the store..
"Now that is BAD~~~"
Think I have the resale bug..yes I do.

I spend hours in the book section,the furniure section has vintage things to die for,
all the items are donated to the shop,

Monday Morning find.
The pretty birdcage,was a treasure, I will hang it on my top porch,with wild roses,and ivy,
Has a pretty heart design,a drip tray perfect for watering.

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  1. Beautiful! Tea your blog is so oh very beautiful hon. Thank you so much for inviting me. All your sidebar stuff fits in too! How awesome *giggles*

    Love & Laughter, Julie


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