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Friday, July 22, 2011

Shabby Jeans,with Vintage Twist~

Shabby Jeans,with Vintage Twist~ Grab those overall jeans,add some vintage rags,be a hit with a little something different~
Fall is just around the corner,would these be cute with hues of burnt orange,sunflowers,and scarecrow patches.. be the idea thing for the 'Autumn Festivals" coming up..add an old straw hat with a huge sunflower, a pair old worn boots, would be darling~~Don't ya think~
Be creative,get that needle and thread out today..and make something that says"This is me"..
I am working on my "FALL" overalls~~ Love to see your creation~~
Tea's Vintage Rags.will be added to Etsy~ These overalls would be so cute with Pearl Button Gloves with the fingers cut out..a string of old pearls, and pearl adorned cuff braclet/Oh lets not forget
Lace Trimmed socks".. Got to go all the way~~amile~ Just Shouts Vintage~


  1. You're one of those creative geniuses aren't you?!

  2. OH! I see you like Tasha Tudor! Do you have either of her videos? Take Joy and Take Peace? They're so fun to watch, especially the Christmas one!


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