Tea's Hope Chest

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creating a Pillow Case Treasure~~ Chenille and Roses~

Projects galore..I thought I would start early on some items needing a fresh pick me up~,finished painting several items, to add on the top veranda, dragged out a vinatge chenille spread,has a few defects,good for a cut up project.
Covered my wicker settee cushion in chenille,sewed 2 accent pillows,love the soft chenille look.
Cut the trims off the edge, added a section to my pillow..looks good.
Next I had several pillow cases with roses,a little blue,
Cut 1 pillow case in two sections used these as the toss pillows.
Added a coordinating stripe pink ruffle to the bottom of one case..stuffed a pillow in,..Wow. it looks great and so easy to sew.

added a coordniating bow..
My sitting area, a place to daydream,watch nature awake each morning and write in my journal..
The sun had faded the old pillows. An easy way to bring new life into old.


Hello there ~~Welcome~I hope you find within My Hope Chest a place to relax and enjoy yourself and calm your mind. . Do come talk to me a while, for strangers often make the best listeners. Enjoy, and remember to wander back here often Love and Blessings Tea~~