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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Once Vintage~ Now Shabby Chic~

Attic finds, while in the attic today I happened upon this old table,
I remember when LaMarr's mother used this old table by her bed, over the years the stain was damaged.
I dug out my paint brush an old can of white paint,set the paint in the sun to thicken, makes a wonderful old chalk paint.
The paint has a thick texture,to enhance the antique look.

These are the before and after photos, after the table dries,I will add a dry brush charcoal paint,wipe as I go with a clean cloth.

.I now have a wonderful old table for my bedroom/bath or porch..Hummm where to sit it..smile~
Before her coat of color~ stored in the attic for years
The stain is peeling away.what a treasure to paint,a new beginning~

After the 1st, coat of paint

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