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Thursday, September 22, 2011

~Autumn Colors~

Crisp morning, time for the colors of autumn to adorn the porches,

Walking the woods this morning made me want Autumn to last forever~
Crunchy leaves,all the little creatures foraging for the last bits to carry home and store for the long winter ahead.
Gathering the birds nest that have fallen from the trees, I will add the nests to a basket on the front porch,for the winter birds.

The herbs have almost hidden my bench, the cats love to nap here.

Morning sunshine, we must enjoy these fading days of Autumn, for winter will surely be here soon.

The porch peppers have turned to Autumn colors.

The morning glorys are fading with the season~

The scarecrows are smiling, It's Autumn Ya'LL~

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  1. I love all your fall photos. I wish fall would last a lot longer then it does. Happy Fall~


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