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Monday, September 19, 2011

Rose Eyelet Coverlet~with Shabby Trims

Cool weather makes me want to quilt, I have so many projects in baskets just waiting till winter, I like to curl up in a warm quilt,sewing basket filled with "To Do's".
One of my projects will be a soft eyelet coverlet,This is the quilt in the 1st stages of quilting.

I wanted to shabby chic the quilt, so I decided to create the broken china effect,

cutting pieces from a rose teacup fabric. I hoard fabrics this one I had for years,saving it for just the right moment~
Well that moment is here,
Here I cut up a vintage cotton tablecloth, pieced the rose teacup fabric and table scraps together
The main quilt has a cotton backing,filler and a cotton eyelet top, I pieced the top together added a eyelet ruffle.

The rose pieces appear to be broken rose china,as you can see some pieces are not attached yet.
Here I cut the front of a cotton blouse with pearl buttons still attached,quilted that section into the quilt

then trims are added for the shabby effect I cut up cotton crochet tablecloths,

trims from out of date dresses,the ones that have bits of cotton trims.
The rose here is a cutup piece from a vintage baby dress

The wonderful old finds can be found in resale shoppes,thrift stores,

Hand quilting each rose piece, adding bits of lace,cotton crochet,hand sewn roses.and baby pearl buttons.
Here I have added the sleeve of a cotton blouse, I also added the botton edging of the blouse,It was full of great trims

The rose teacup fabric is just the fabric for the cozy warm coverlet for those cold winter days~smile~

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