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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vintage Rag Tote~

Designing my bags/totes, the 1st thing I do is grab a big old wicker basket,then to the cotton lace trims,tableclothes dolies (I do have a section in my sewing room for just my trims).
I them decide what the main tote/bag will be created from. Here I have decided on a vintage skirt,The skirt has beautiful cutwork in the complete front. and it is lined in a soft cotton.
I cut the top half of the skirt off, lay aside we will use that as the top of the bag,

The skirt has a gorgeous hem with needle work-here i sew the bottom of the skirt together.
Now I have the main bag set to add trims.
I fold the top down and sew. This will be for a draw string or the fixed top.

Start laying the trims and pinning in place.

This tote.bag when finished will be added to my Etsy Shoppe.. and it will be GORGEOUS smile~


  1. Sooo pretty. You sure must have a lot of trimmings in your stash... =)

  2. So scrumptious! I just want to put my hand through the computer and feel all the textures!


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